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Marie Weiss Psychology 1026 Heidelberg Rd Ivanhoe   Get to the Heart of the Matter


With the Covid-19 outbreak, we are facing such challenging times....perhaps you're seeking support because of something that's come up now?.... or perhaps this time has highlighted something that has been there for a while.. or both.

I, like many psychologists, am now providing counselling and therapy online or by phone. 

Feel free to contact me to have a chat or to make an appointment.


I've been practising as a Psychologist for over 27 years, providing counselling & psychotherapy to adults and young adults 18 years and over.

My logo is "Get to the Heart of the Matter" because that's my interest and particular skill..to help you get to the bottom of your concerns so you can truly turn things around. Once that's known, then the way forward becomes clear. I believe that when we come to truly know and value ourselves, things can truly shift.

I believe that what we need is already within us and we can discover that, make changes and grow and gain new insights and perspectives, with the help of a supportive and skillful guide.

If you imagine that the way to deal with your problem or issue is part of your life journey, then a counsellor and psychotherapist is like a guide with the capacity to walk alongside you for a time, with skills and knowledge like a map, compass and torch to light the way.

It's just the way of things that making a change or dealing with challenges in our lives often requires help from another. Self-help only goes so far. That's why recognizing we need help can be such a relief.

You'll find me warm and gentle in my approach. My heart logo also speaks to the compassion that I believe to be part of making the journey to greater health and happiness, and what we find at the core of ourselves and others as we do so.

I bring experience from working for over 25 years as a student and staff counsellor in Melbourne TAFEs and unis as well as in private practice in Carlton and Fairfield. I have in-depth knowledge and training in:

    • understanding the mind-body connection


    • the role of the past in the present, and


    • living mindfully.

I speak a second language (Polish) and understand cross-cultural issues and work with those interested in their spiritual growth.



Issues I am skilled at helping with include:

    • Anxiety


    • Depression 


    • Loss and grief


    • Relationship issues


    • Family issues


    • Trauma- past and present including sexual abuse


    • Life transitions


    • Psychological growth for the spiritual journey


    • Self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence


    • Separation and divorce


    • Social anxiety


    • Work and career decisions


Some of the benefits you could expect include:

    • Clarity and renewed meaning,purpose and direction


    • Improved health and wellbeing


    • Increasing self-awareness and self-acceptance


    • Lifting of spirits and relieving of anxieties


    • New perspectives & insights regarding yourself and relationships


    • Greater enjoyment and fulfilment in life


A special thank you to Limor Rafaeli, designer of exquisite jewelry from Israel for the stunning heart design and Tim Allan, graphic designer and Director of Made Visual in Fitzroy, Melbourne, for translating this into a beautiful logo and stationery.

Feel free to contact Marie on 0417 516 958, or 'Make an Enquiry' below, with any questions at all or to make an appointment.


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