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Marie Weiss ; Get to the Heart of the Matter

A message to potential or returning clients....

After over 30 years of practicing as a counsellor, psychologist and psychotherapist, I am no longer seeing new or returning clients, unless I have made a prior arrangement with you.

I feel immensely grateful for being able to pursue such wonderful, humbling and life-changing work and life journey, and for the privilege of being entrusted to help and travel alongside such a range of courageous people, whether for one session or for years.

Many thanks to all who I've seen and/or who have shared or contributed in any way.

If you are contemplating reaching out to someone for support or help, I encourage you to do so!

A heads up that some psychologists see people for relatively short-term behavioural issues with a practical solution focus, and others, like myself, may offer this, however specialize in assisting with more complex, ongoing issues which you may want to go into more deeply and take more time over. That kind of work is usually called "psychodynamic psychotherapy/counselling". 

You may connect with someone fairly easily, at other times you may need to meet more than one person to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and challenged at the same time. 

Don't give up and I wish you so very well. 




A special thank you to Limor Rafaeli, designer of exquisite jewelry from Israel for the stunning heart design and Tim Allan, graphic designer and Director of Made Visual in Fitzroy, Melbourne, for translating this into a beautiful logo and stationery.

Feel free to contact Marie on 0417 516 958, or 'Make an Enquiry' below, with any questions at all or to make an appointment.


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